Compliance services

On-going compliance services as required under various the Indian tax and regulatory legislations on a need basis. These compliances would broadly encompass the following areas:

Corporate tax compliances – assistance in preparing and filing corporate Return of Income (‘ROI’);

TP – assistance in undertaking full scope/ updation / benchmarking TP studies for annual compliance purposes under the Indian TP regulations;

Indian Exchange control regulations – assistance in making statutory annual filings with the RBI, assistance in seeking exchange control approvals as may be required, assistance in undertaking filings with AD Bank as may be required from time to time;

Assistance in filing various applications with IRA in respect of direct and indirect tax matters;

Assistance in reviewing/ preparing computation of quarterly payments of Income-tax;

Assistance in reviewing the computation of monthly/ quarterly payments of VAT/ CST and service tax; and

Assistance in preparing and filing periodical VAT, CST and service tax returns with the relevant indirect tax authorities.

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